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प्रगटन – नांदेड वाघाळा शहर महानगरपालिका, नांदेड च्या सर्व सेवानिवृत्त /कुटुंब निवृत्त वेतनधारक यांनी हयात रजिष्टरवर सही केलेले नाही अशा सर्व सेवानिवृत्त कर्मचारी यांनी दि. 31.05.2022 पर्यंत मनपा मुख्य ईमारततील लेखा विभाग खोली क्रं. 311 मध्ये येवून हयात रजिष्टरवर सही करणेसाठी अवगत करावे. || मनपा नांदेड, साफसफाईच्या कामाच्या वेळेत बदला बाबत ||  

Dated :17-Jan-2013
Demolition drive: Nanded Municipal Corporation hopes to recover Rs 25 crore 

NANDED: The Nanded Municipal Corporation (NMC) has recovered Rs 1.2 crore within two days of launching the demolition driveagainst illegal constructions. However, the corporation has decided to regularize some structures. Many residents, who had constructed properties against the civic body's plans, had to pay fine during the drive.

"We expect to generate about Rs 25 crore by the end of the drive, which will continue till action is taken against all illegal structures,'' said G Sreekanth, Nanded-Waghala municipal commissioner.
Nanded, about 300 km from Aurangabad, home to the famous Sachkhand Gurdwara and 13 other gurdwaras, is visited by pilgrims from all over the world. Takht Sachkhand Sri Hazur Abchalnagar Sahib, the main Gurdwara of Nanded, is considered one of the four high seats of authority of the Sikhs.

Sreekanth said the NMC had launched an awareness campaign for four months to regularize properties — where they had added floors and extended the construction without leaving open space. Residents were asked to approach the civic body with their revised plans for regularization under the new development control rules, or demolish them voluntarily. "We received lukewarm response. We then launched the demolition drive on Friday,'' he added.

He said it would not be practical to demolish these floors and instead the civic body decided to regularize them by imposing the requisite fine. He also clarified that people were specifically told that every proposal in this regard will not be regularized. The parking spaces which were turned into shops, or used for other purposes, were not to be legalized. Many people were found to have added floors against the civic body's building permission norms.

"However, since we started the drive, a number of people are coming up with proposal for regularization of their properties. We are accepting their proposals after payment of fine amount or charges for regularization," said Sreekanth. According to NMC, people would be given back the deposited amount, if received in excess and they have also agreed to pay more if required, according to norms.

The civic body has sent letters to banks asking them not to entertain the proposals of builders and developers that were being submitted without completion certificates, or at a least plinth level completion certificate. The corporation has also requested people not to buy such properties. "Most irregularities are found to be done at the plinth level constructions,'' Sreekanth added.



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