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Dated :17-Jan-2013
Reservoir water not for irrigation 

Reservoir water not for irrigation

AURANGABAD: Nanded civic body and the district administration on Wednesday launched a drive against the farmers installed electric motors along Shankarsagar water reservoir. After disconnection of power supply by MSEDCL, some farmers were still found lifting water through generators; as a result, the civic body and the administration have resorted to round the clock boat patrolling in the reservoir.

Two teams, comprising officials of civic body,irrigation department, district administration and the police have been deployed to patrol the reservoir in two boats to check lifting of water other than the drinking purpose, said Govind Karwa, a Nanded civic body official on Wednesday.

The water in the reservoir at Vishnupuri, about 8 km from Nanded city, is strictly reserved for drinking purpose from January 1. Lifting of water for irrigation purpose is banned till June, so that the drinking requirement of the city and adjoining villages were met.

On directions from the administration, the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) has already disconnected the power supply to electric pumps that were installed by farmers to lift water from the reservoir. The district collector Dheeraj Kumar and the municipal commissioner G Sreekanth personally roamed around the area in boats to take stock of the situation and directed the authorities concerned to strictly implement the administration's orders.

Karwa said the Shankar Sagar reservoir has a total water storage capacity of 80 million cubic meter of which about 46 mm cub water was left in the dam by January 1. However, the administration found that about 9 mmcub was lifted in the last 20 days, for other than the drinking purpose. With only 37.54 mmcub left in the reservoir, the administration and the civic body was alarmed and decided to get tough with the people violating the order. "If the lifting of water by farmers continued, Nanded city will have to go thirsty at one point of time in near future, Karwa said.

About 3000 farmers who depended on Shankar Sagar reservoir for irrigation, have specifically been asked at the water distribution committee meeting headed by the district collector on December 25, that Shankar Sagar water would be reserved for drinking purpose only.

He said, the Nanded city alone requires 17 to 18 mmcub water, which would last till June while rest of the water would be needed for adjoining villages in the Nanded taluka, Karwa added.


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