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सन्माननीय सदस्य यांची यादी || MCA Team Visit to Shri Guru Govindsinghji Stadium at Nanded. || अनाधिकृत जाहीराती, घोषणा फलक, होर्डींग, पोस्टर्स - जाहीर प्रगटन || अनाधिकृत जाहीरातीस प्रतिबंध संदर्भात जाहीर निवेदन ||  

Weather Android App

1. Information

Steps for Install Weather Apps
download all weatherlink Apps from google play store
add station from left hand + sign
search- mgmcast station
you will get NWCMC MGM station add to list
For weather parameters go to i sign at right hand side
choose your parameters
Like rainfall in inch or mm
Temp in F or C

2. Weather App Download Link


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